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We at GOODMAN AND WIFE work closely with our ARTISTS that share our vision. Our vision is to create products that inspire not only us but our customers. When we say vision, creativity and inspiration, choosing the right people is paramount. We pick people that have an open mind and are artists. We are not out to follow the pack rather to be the front runner having other companies follow us.

The design of our dachshund Mom/Baby duo planters are still in the process, when the sample came out (on the right), we all liked the baby dachshund, The Mom's face needs a bit work to match the baby. We wanted to share this process with you to show how passionate  and serious we are.

We continue to design and create new offerings . If there is something we are not offering please let us know. Listening to customers input and feedback has got us to where we are  today.

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We'll now be offering what we call stressed Terracotta finishes. Our pots will have the appearance of years gone by. Think of a piece of pottery that has been buried for years and has just been unearthed. This surface would show stress cracks and a patina finish. These pots are hand-pressed with natural terracotta material, heavy with drain holes. These word-class designs are great for both indoor and outdoor uses and can be used for an extensive variety of plants. 

One of our best sellers-animated planters are playful and joyful! These elegant natural terra-cotta Swan family themed planters available in 3 different sizes including adult swan and 2 swan children. Made of terracotta clay and kiln fired will highlight any garden or home area. Just add your greenery to finish off their beautiful appeal. 

SHOWCASE OF OUR blue and white porcelain

Our creative, fun ideals​ become great products

Profile of our Artists.

Goodman and Wife blue and white porcelain decorative jar with different patterns of birds , leaves,Peacock, floral, lotus etc.  these are classic blue and white porcelain designs tell Ancient stories,  tightened fabric lid, With its serene design and graceful proportions, Goodman and Wife lidded jar brings Ming style into the modern era. Multi- designs available, the porcelain  symbolizing royalty, in timeless cobalt blue and white with bulged cylindrical shape.  Variations inherent in handcrafting make each piece unique.


   Iron/Metal products

Our iron products are also very attractive and unique, we feature planters into different shapes to bring beauty to your garden.

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Working together does have it’s advantages. As a team, partner   and spouse we are joined at the hip. We both love what we do,   whether it’s working on expanding our product line, solving problems, or just enjoy some down time. We’re both dedicated to each other and our business. We focus on  building  our reputation as a creative quality oriented  company. In order to be creative one  needs to  challenge  the norm and look how to  better or change it. How we change it is  by designing and making  most of our own creations. Our  journeys have allowed us to form  relationships  with our partners  who share the same vison.

Our newest clay planters are hand thrown, a rusty moss look with imperfections to create an old world appearance, we took time to make them look old and rustic.you can't find anywhere else. 

Featuring highly stressed painted and natural multi-layers finishes creating a accent art piece. these are our one of our best sellers

Goodman and Wife offers many different types of animal shaped also cutest products  for  your  home  . We use different materials that  make our drawings and ideas come to life. we have so many new  ideas and  most  times  our team have  a  series  of  samples within days  for  us  to choose.  Most  of our animal items are hand painted or handmade. They are not produced on an assembly line but rather small works of art that are somewhat different in every way.

Ournewly designed poly-resin pot feet/pot risers are one of our best selling products. They are made of durable poly resin material and come in sets of 3 with a 50 -100 pound weight capacity. 

Decorative planter feet used to elevate your flower pots helps keep insects from hiding underneath and damaging or staining expensive surfaces.

The newest design is we use classic traditional Mind blue and white flower/ vine pattern add old world finish to ceramic planters . Perfect for house plants and silk or dry flower arrangements, they are just beautiful without any flowers.  Originally used for holding herbal medicine in ancient Japan and China, now a distinctive oriental accessory, flower vase or elegant gift. Finished in traditional blue and white floral patterns with a crackled surface creates an old world aged appearance. All available in different shapes and sizes makes for a stunning home showcase. 

Fun Creations with our Artists


            Goodman and Wife

Beautiful design with different shape and pattern

Raw finished terracotta on a drying rack ready to be decorated and fired to the highest standard. 

Here is one of our favorite artists, he has been in the pottery business for over 30 years. He, along with us have designed and produced a new line of pots, planters and terra-cotta designs. He is not only a Artist but also a Creator.

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Goodman and Wife

                     IN THE MAKING 

Artisans, creations, imagination, craftsmanship are all necessary ingredients for our home decor. our items are unusual pieces not found elsewhere. Being unique, different and innovate sets us apart from most other companies. Our antique finished white and pesto planter is a perfect example of a Goodman and Wife offering. 

All of our home/garden decor products continue to win the trust of customers by offering our hands on designs and quality control.  Most of our products are handmade and hand-painted using old world craftsmanship offering top quality decor made to last decades. Believe or not, the hanging pot on the right was beautifully crafted by Artisans with 40 or more years of experience. With exquisite craftsmanship and specialized design.  This old world Roman style wall hanging planter( 4 colors available),makes a striking accent for an outdoor wall or entryway. In cracked ice finish creates an ancient time effect. 4 colors were carefully chosen to suit every home or garden needs. Overall size measures 8" tall, weight 2.6 lbs.

Products our customerslove

-By us working together brings Goodman and wife to an end that we all can be proud of-

U.S..Sourcing was established to meet client needs by providing its own unique designed products and on-site quality control at every level in 2009 by Timothy Allen Goodman and his Wife Xiao Xiao. As an experienced buyer who has been involved with importing materials to United States for over 14 years, Tim knows getting a consistent, quality products was always a gamble at best. What better way to help the companies back home than having a team to​ be at site managing the process every step of the way.  U.S.Sourcing Inc now located in CA, offers its unique designed home and garden decor products including vases, flower pots, flower stand,figurines in Porcelain, Ceramic, Terracotta, Poly-resin, Wood, Glass, Iron and various other types of materials. Pieces that are handmade,hand-painted,hand-blown,hand-pressed or hand-thrown that are of high quality to insure a continued uptrend. 



U.S.Sourcing Inc.


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Buddha Pot Feet

Heighten your pots with pot feet. Pot feet provide air circulation under and around your pots. They help prevent deck staining and dry rot damage. These are our latest designS. Highly detailed Buddha figurine in poly resin with U.V. painted finish